Our Next Event! June 14th, 15th, 16th 2013 For Ladies Only!

New Pricing Suggestions!

Would you like to donate your items for sale to raise money for the Rafa House?

New – Consigners Shop Thursday Evening 7 – 9

Alice & Christopher Behnke - Founders of Pick Pocket MollyOur Story

My name is Alice Behnke, I am married to Christopher Behnke. Together, we have four children that I am with… READ MORE



 Pick Pocket Molly Shopper gets some stealsOur Events

We have 1 -2 women’s resale events per year.  Our next event will be June 14th, 15th, 16th.  You don’t want to miss it! 



A wonderful dress from Pick Pocket MollySupporting Women & Children in need!

10% of the profits of every Pick Pocket Molly event goes to support hand selected charities, helping women and children in need.

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What is the Pick Pocket Molly Event?

This sale is for ladies!

It’s a 3 day shopping extraveganza for women to consign old treasures hidden away in their closets.

It’s a 3-day sale where women can buy new/used things to add to their closets.

It’s short! It’s sweet! And it’s fun!

It’s about GIVING: Pick Pocket Molly gives 10% of its profits to women and young girls in need. So when you sell or buy, you are helping to give to a fabulous charity!

Consigning (click here to sign up)

     Reducing stuff in your closet.
     Money in your wallet.
     Helping others in need.

Buying (click here to learn about the event)

     Getting updated fashion for small amounts of money.
     Having a blast while shopping!
     Helping others in need.


10% of our profits go to help women and children in need!

You may not know it, but 10% of the profit from every Pick Pocket Molly event goes to help hand selected non-profit organizations specifically helping women and children in need.

Who is Molly?

She’s well dressed and no one would guess she’s so intensely frugal… She loves bargains and deals and often gets “steals” on the garments, shoes, and bags that she wields… She wants to promote collected treasures, and move on the clothes that mount… To re-use, recycle, reduce, and build her bank account… Short on pennies and time she gathers with much zeal, and looks forward to finding the next amazing steal!

Will you be Molly at our next event?


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What is Lead Above?

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Where are our events?

Currently our events are held at the Rock Creek Community Club in Clackamas Or. 13301 SE 172nd, Clackamas, OR 97015 Learn More About the Event!»
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